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The inquiry group: the launch of a second seven year cycle

The inquiry group started in May 1994, after the transpersonal activities in everyday life co-operative inquiry in Auckland, which was initiated by John Heron, 26 February to 9 April 1994. The group has been meeting regularly ever since as a living co-operative inquiry organism, with intermittent phases of structured inquiry on different themes. It has had a sub-culture of some 40 people, fluctuating in attendance around a core group. It has now completed a seven year cycle.

We intend to inaugurate a second seven year cycle at the new moon and the start of the solar year on 21 June 2001. The launching focus of this cycle of inquiry is Shekinah, the go-between divinity, the spiritual presence manifest through occasion, place and interpersonal communion.

The wavy group, as we called it, developed skill, during the first seven years, in establishing Shekinah through a combination of self-disclosure, caring and sharing, spiritual declaration, percussion, charismatic toning, gesture, posture and movement, silent mutual presencing and interior attunement. We became proficient in peer shaktipat - mutuality of spiritual transmission - spiritual presence indwelling a co-evoked subtle power called, in diverse traditions, baraka (Indonesia), elima (Congo), hasina (Madagascar), kami (Japan), mana (Polynesia), manitou (Algonquins), manngur (Kabi of Queensland), megbe (Bambuti pygmies), orenda (Iroquois), shakti (Hindu Tantra), wakanda (Sioux), etc.

We intend, in the second seven years, to engage more profoundly with the world-transforming reality of Shekinah, taking the inquiry of the first seven years on to a new level of depth and subtlety, and into the wider context of a self-generating culture.

We are inviting past participants and new contacts to join us:

  • We will meet fortnightly, 7.30 to 9.30 pm, starting on Thursday, 21 June. We can change to any other fortnightly evening by mutual consent.
  • We will start meeting at Barbara and John's place, at the above address, in the country north of Albany, a 30 minute drive from the Harbour Bridge. A map is attached.
  • Subsequent meetings may rotate round different locations, depending on who attends regularly.
  • We will co-operatively determine how to elaborate the work of Shekinah in the second seven-year cycle. Our modus operandi is informal co-operative inquiry.
  • We propose a three month run-in period - a total of seven meetings - for us to clarify what we are about. And after that we propose that those who are so moved make a clear commitment to a longer term participation.
  • We also propose that we have a full one day gathering for celebration, ritual and feasting, every three months, at the equinoxes and solstices.

A footnote on Shekinah

Shekinah in Hebrew means 'residence', 'dwelling'. In Jewish tradition it is the name for the divine presence as it makes itself known in the material world, 'overshadowing', 'hovering', 'indwelling'. It is also associated with the feminine aspect of the divine, concerned with interpersonal relationships. In the mystical system of the Kabbalah, Shekinah is linked with the tenth Sefirah of Malkhut and the manifestation of the divine kingdom on earth.

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