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Images by John Heron        

All the images listed below are both manually and computer generated 

Links to oil paintings by John Heron: Painting 1  Painting

Facets of the diamond of being





 Adept emerging from  pod (6.03)



 Birdlove1 (5.03)

 Birdlove2 (5.03)


 Emergence 1 (4.03)

 Emergence 2 (4.03) 




 Gold peak


 Insect eating light (4.03)

 Insect at cosmic node (6.03)

 Ipsissimus (6.03)


Mediation ( 4.03)

Memory of another world (2.04)

Moon temple at  night 

 Moonplant 1 (5.03)

 Moonplant 2 (5.03)

 Meeting in space  (1.03) 

 Night growth

 Nommos (5.03)

 Ocean way

 Primary energy (1.03)


 Paradors overshadowing

    a ruby of the heart (6.03)

 Sandstone bluff

 Sea tube

 Shaman  (1.03)


 Space is consciousness (7.03)

 Star power (8.03)

 Sky cup

 Two-in-one (8.05)


 White heron


A note on these images

I have created them as contemplative emblems       meeting three criteria: rhythmic vitality, quality of  presence, opening to the reality between.

I can send you by email a copy of any image enlarged  to a size suitable for printing on A4. I recommend printing each image on archival matte paper using lightfast inks.