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Model of individual decision-making                                                    

By members of the decision-making inquiry, September 2004                                            


Moral norms
Will to live
as individual (needs, wants...)
as universal participant (participatory impulses, love...)
Body prompts/bio-spiritual prompts
Other world sloths
Competing needs
and wants
Custom and tradition

(Out of date) former choices

that have gone unconscious

The main diagram represents empowering factors that can have a bearing on autonomous decision-making.

The items in italics, lower left and lower right, are inhibiting or distorting factors that can affect it.

Explanation of unusual terms

Shouter: Friendly-ironic term for immensely discreet and respectful presences in the other world.

Arcane norms: Principles that govern the interaction between this world and the other world.

Other world sloths: Entities in the other world that collude with human inertia.