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 South Pacific Centre for Human Inquiry

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South Pacific Centre for Human Inquiry

52 Hammond Avenue, Hatfields Beach, Orewa, 0931, New Zealand.

Next to the ocean, 40 kilometres north of central Auckland.

Phone: 09 421 1329   Emails:   Website:                 

Co-initiators: John Heron and Barbara Langton

IMPORTANT NOTE  We moved to the above address on 29 July 2016. The text  and pictures below our photos apply to the previous address at 11 Bald Hill Road. R.D.1 Kaukapakapa, 0871, and constitute a history of the culture developed there since we bought it in January 1999. A new phase of our work is now emerging.

  Barbara Langton is a facilitator/tutor in communication, health psychology and conflict resolution, an experienced co-operative inquirer, a practitioner and trainer in Holistic Pulsing, and a Disputes Tribunal Referee in the New Zealand Department for Courts. Her creative work includes sculpture, landscape design, fabric art and pottery.



John Heron is a facilitator and trainer in co-operative inquiry and a wide range of personal and professional development methods. He is the author of Helping the Client (Sage, 2001), The Complete Facilitatorís Handbook (Kogan Page, 1999), Sacred Science (PCCS Books, 1998), and Co-operative Inquiry (Sage, 1996). Brief CV and publications


World view   The South Pacific Centre for Human Inquiry is being developed as an environment where people can explore who they are as emerging whole persons, in deep communion with others, within an interconnected universe of many dimensions.

We have chosen a hill site which enables access to and attunement with the wider reaches of being. We practice reciprocal participation between human beings, other life forms, the visible universe - our planet, our solar system, our galaxy and beyond - and parallel realities, presences and powers beyond our ego.

We believe that authentic distress-free human spirituality is based on transparent intentional co-decision-making, shared fields of presence, and rhythms of mutually lived inquiry.

Methods which enable this at the practical level are: co-counselling to heal past and present distress which may be affecting our relationship with ourselves, with each other, and the way we act in the world; and collaborative action inquiry to transform and make integrated sense of our activities in every dimension of being, and to co-create the elements of a self-generating, self-renewing culture of diversity-in-unity.

Our culture Body-work. Co-counselling. Co-creating with primary theatre. Co-operatively designed rituals. Co-visualisations. Creative writing. Daily check-ins. Development of sacred sites. Human rights and ecological awareness. Intentional decision-making process. Lifestyle action-planning. Sculpture, painting and movie-making. Spiritual celebration of shared food. Tending the land and planting trees.

History We purchased the property at the end of January 1999. It is a four acre block with a regenerating bush reserve on the western boundary. Originally the only dwelling was a two bedroom cottage. This has now been renovated and is dedicated for Centre activities. During 2000 we had a large co-designed two-storey house built high on the top of Bald Hill. It incorporates east and west staircases, which are the visible part of a pyramid form used within our weekly rituals

Special sites We have developed a number of sites in the grounds, in the adjacent bush, and in the house, which we have tuned for our various collaborative and individual practices: The bush site. The dell. The glade. The pine circle. The pond. The pyramid inner   chamber. The pyramid upper platform. The solar circle.

Offerings Contact us to arrange for any of the following services  Co-counselling events. Co-operative inquiries. Feeling and personhood workshops. Holistic pulsing. Interpersonal skills, relationship and facilitation training. Journeys of initiation. Mediation and conflict resolution. Ongoing spiritual inquiry group. Psychomantium inquiries. Retreat facilities. Spiritual and emotional coaching. Supervision of professional practice.

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