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Map of Shekinah practice

This is a map of a particular kind of peer-to-peer integral practice (for a description see Shekinah). Immediately below is a primary mandala for contemplation. After that there is a detailed version, indicating the range of options for peer inquiry within Shekinah practice.





Choosing from this map: co-created imaginal construction, wait for the
presence to speak through one or more or all, consensus voting and voicing, choose a chooser, blind sequence, seek a sign, listen to the presences, randomly (spin a top)...
Inquiry process review: confirming / modifying / radically changing / adding
to / deleting from - what we do and how we do it; balancing the Dionysian and
the Apollonian.
Inquiry validity review: authentic collaboration, balance of experience and
reflection, consensus collusion, inquiry-caused distress, research
cycling/divergence/convergence, chaos and order; review and revision of
relevant validity categories. For descriptions of these see The practice of co-operative inquiry.
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